Wow. doesn’t in look amazing?! The picture certainly does! I was so excited for this ice cream, I really was because I love chocolate and caramel ice cream! But to be honest, I was really disappointed by it. Usually I love Magnum’s Ice creams but this one was just so boring. You see the caramel ripple on the picture? Well, it doesn’t exist in real life. It looks like this:

So boring and the taste was absolutely too powerful. I didn’t like it, at all.
It gets 1,5/5.

Ben & Jerry’s Core Karamel Sutra

Ben & Jerry’s have created an ice cream collection called Core. It’s two kinds of ice cream – divided(!) by lovely core of some gooey sauce. Me and my boyfriend bought Karamel Sutra, which is supposed to be a caramel ice cream and a chocolate ice cream with a caramel core. Unfortunately ours had melted and then got freezed again, so it was kind of misshaped. Though, the taste was amazing! Sweet and soft caramel ice cream and the caramel sauce were divine! The only negative thing was the chocolate ice cream. It was just chocolate ice cream, with some small chocolate chunks. Would have been better with chocolate fudge brownie-ice cream instead. Because it was not worth the price. Otherwise, YUMMY!
It gets 4/5


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