Review; Quick Milk – Flavoured Milk Straws

The United states of America is one of the countries in the world that consumes the most flavored milk. It is certainly not healthy, but I am not going to lie to you – i love it. In it’s most artificial, sugary, plastic, unhealthy, fabulous taste.

I found this straws called Quick Milk at my local supermarket. They’re very similar to Got Milk? Straws. It’s straws with flavoring beads inside. They come in three different flavorings. Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. I bought one of each and carried them home for some tasting!

All of them tasted great, and vanilla was my favorite! The sad thing that draws down the point is that the flavor fades rather quickly,  so when you’ve drunk half your glass of milk, the flavor is very weak.

Chocolate 3/5    Strawberry 4/5   Vanilla 4/5



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