HOW TO: Perfect bacon

Smokey, salty, golden, heavenly crisp but not burned, perfect bacon how-to recipe.
Have you ever done bacon  and it ends up burned with a lot of fat still on it? You’ve ever wanted to know the secret to perfect golden bacon every time? It’s so easy and takes less than 10 minutes!

1 packet good quality streaky bacon
1 large non-stick skillet
Some napkins

Take out your large cold non-stick skillet and place your bacon streaks in it not overlapping, make sure they have plenty of space. Then place it on the stove on medium heat turning the bacon every other minute and cook until golden brown. You want to cook away as much fat as possible, therefore you don’t want to add any fat at all. If the bacon releases too much fat, just drain the fat off because you want to cook away fat from the bacon, not fry the bacon in it!

When ready and golden, place on napkins or dry towels to drain of excess fat.


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