Chewy freezer fudge, a vegan treat!

Who doesn’t love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate? I doubt there’s anyone! (Except those poor creatures with peanut allergy). But I’m not one of them! Though, I don’t like chocolate, but along with peanut butter it’s irresistible, don’t you think? Anyways…Last weekend I made Raw Vegan Freezer fudge. It’s chewy, cold, peanut buttery and chocolatey. You really have to make these, so simple and easy to make, plus they
will tickle your tastebuds, YUM!

You don’t have to use peanut butter if you’re allergic, you can use cashew butter, almond hazelnut and so on. If you want it Raw, use raw products, but it works fine with “regular” ones too.

1 cup nut butter (I use peanut)
5 tbs good quality cacao
1/4 cup maple syrup

In a large bowl, combine your nut butter, cacao and maple syrup mix well.
When the fudge batter has a dough-like consistency prepare a freezer-safe 8 x 8″ pan lined with cling film. Click/pour the batter into the pan and smooth it out with a knife. Put a layer of cling film on top and press to that the surface becomes smooth. Put into the freezer for one hour or until set but not firm. Take then out and cut into small squares and store in the freezer between baking sheets in a box.


raw(r)! ;-)

Recently, I’ve been very interested in Raw food  and raw foodism.  Since I were vegan as little as one year ago I like vegetables and dairy/egg substitutes: It makes me feel like a kitchen magician. I’ve tried a lot of raw food before, but when you eat meat (as I do now), dairy and eggs you often tend to eat much processed food and non-organic. The idea of raw food is to eat raw, unprocessed and uncooked food, often organic.

Why eat raw you say?
… Because when it’s raw and unprocessed, you get ten times more vitamins and minerals! The food may be heated up to 45c/115f and can be freezed. By using cashews, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit you can make a lot of things that tastes good and even better than the real deal. Despite it’s cold, Raw food will make you hot, at least you body ;-)

There are different types of Raw foodism. The most common one is Raw Veganism, but there are also Raw vegetarianism and some eat Raw with animal products.

So yesterday I made Ice Cream, It’s ridiculously nutritious, vegan and healthy! Not like I’m-going-to-eat-this-every-day -type of healthy. And when it’s thawed it has a consistency of mousse.

2 cup natural Cashew nuts
2 cup strawberries
1/4 coconut butter(or solid oil)
1/4 agave syrup
1/4 lemon juice
vanilla powder *optional

Soak the Cashews for at least 12hours, preferably over night.

When the cashews has soaked, drain and let them dry. In a blender, blend the cashews until a smooth butter. This might take a while and you probably have to stop and scrape down the sides a couple of times, but be patient..
When creamy, add lemon juice, coconut butter, syrup, vanilla* and strawberries.
Blend until smooth.
When smooth pour into a baking dish lined with cling film and freeze for one hour or until firm but not solid. Then take out and cut into squares.  If you desire, you can skip this step and pour into a large tin and scoop up when it’s time to serve. Just take out 10 minutes before serving time.

Vegan Carrot Soup

I love carrots and I just love soup. Though I just love it, I don’t eat it very often –mostly never, but there’s something with just soup that’s special. A cozy feeling, you know? Since my boyfriend likes carrot soup, I made it for the first time yesterday, improvising, but it turned out so nice! Perfect for an autumn chilly evening and fits a student wallet and it’s also VEGAN! yum!

CARROT SOUP  serves2
1 lbs Carrots
1/2 an onion
3 cups vegetable stock
1/4 cup dairy-free cream (I use oat cream)
pinch of salt
pinch of rosemary
pinch of thyme
pinch of freshly ground blackpepper


Rinse and peel the carrots well. Chop the carrots into 1/3″ thick slices and set aside. Chop the onion finely and in a large casserole, sweat the onions for 5-8 minutes on medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil. Add the carrots, thyme, rosemary, black pepper and the vegetable stock. Allow it to boil under lid on medium heat for 20 minutes or until the carrots are soft.
Once the carrots has softened place them in a large mixer/food processor or use a hand mixer to mix the soup silky smooth, when that’s done, add the soup back into the casserole and add the cream and salt to taste, slightly warm it up on the stove top, do not boil!

Serve with a nice bread with slices of cheese. Enjoy!

Perfect BBQ needs a perfect beverage

Do you love drinks? We do! Celebrate Wednesday with BBQ and a good tasty, less sweet, more savory drink.

1 part Vodka
2 parts Tonic Water/Club Soda
5 leaves of basil
4 blackberries

Muddle the blackberries with the basil leaves. Add vodka and tonic water, stir. Serve over ice.

Wish you all a nice evening from a cold rainy Sweden!

HOW TO: Handmade pasta

Yesterday, I made my own pasta for the first time ever. I’ve always thought that it would be really hard, difficult and messy, but it wasn’t! It was super easy but a lot of kneading. To be honest – it was totally worth it! I couldn’t find the “00”- pasta flour so I used regular AP flour and it worked totally fine. Of course, if you find “00” pasta flour, it’ll be better.  I used the dough to make tortellini filled with ricotta and spinach.  It only takes less than 10 minutes to make it! And let it rest for 20 minutes  for a smooth dough.

2 cup flour, preferably “Tipo 00” but AP works fine!
3 whole eggs
dash of olive oil

Clean a baking board or a large surface. Put 2 cups of flour  into a big pile and dig a whole to make a “volcano”, crack the eggs into the volcano and season with salt and add just a dash of olive oil.  With a fork, beat the eggs in the volcano until silky smooth and gradually beat he flour into the eggs with the fork. Don’t worry if the eggs spills over. When it all starts to come together, go in with your hand and literally knead the crap out of the dough. It’s hard in the beginning, but should be silky smooth, elastic and formable when it’s done. Knead as hard as you can, folding it over and over as you go.
When it has a nice consistency, wrap it in cling film and let rest in room temperature for 20-30 minutes.

Cut the dough into three pieces and roll it out paper thin. You should be able to see a pattern trough the dough. Then cut/roll into desired shapes!

To cook the pasta, drop it down in boiling salted water and boil for 3-5 mintues (depending on how thin you got the dough, hehe).

Southern sweet tea with a twist

I’ve gotten obsessed with the southern drink Sweet Tea (known as Ice tea in pretty much the rest of the world) and drink it every day . In the Southern U.S it comes in many different varieties and every household have their own recipe. It’s simple and inexpensive to make so you can always have a pitcher around to serve guests.  “ According to Wiki; In the early 1900s, sweet tea was an item of luxury used as an exhibition of wealth due to the expensive nature of tea, ice, and sugar.Ice was possibly the most valued of the ingredients since it had to be shipped from afar at a time when access to cool drinking water was already a relative luxury.
So make this recipe and enjoy your little every-day homemade luxury.  The best thing with home made sweet drinks is that you can control how sugary you’d like your drink.  The classic tea is made with black teabags, sugar, water and sometimes a couple of lemon wedges. I made a twist using rooibos tea and diluted it with ginger ale instead of water, but of course it can be made with black tea instead of rooibos if you desire or even green tea. Rooibos just gives a “lighter” feeling.

2 cup cold water
2 cup ginger ale
1/2 cup sugar
7 rooibos tea bags
1 orange
2 limes

Pour 3 cups of cold water into a pan and bring to a boil. Add the teabags and boil for one minute. Take the pan of the heat, cover, and steep for further 10 minutes. Then remove the teabags and add the sugar, stir to dissolve and let cool completely.
When the tea has cooled down, pour into a big pitcher and add slices of lime and orange. When time to serve, add ginger ale and pour over a glass full of ice.
Enjoy on a sunny balcony for a true summer feeling.

Low-Calorie Chips

I bet that you’re like me and sometimes just wants something sweet to nib on without being dreadfully sugary, unhealthy, and full of calories. Then you should try drying fruit into chips instead of just eating them. It’s a bit time-consuming, but put them in before you go to bed and you’ll have crispy chips in the morning.

4 medium apples, of choice (I like Granny Smith, but feel free to use your fav)


set oven to 100c/210f

Rinse the apples, but keep the skin on. With your sharpest knife, slice thin slices of apples about 1/2cm / 1/5″ thick.  Lay the apple on a tray lined with baking sheets, sprinkle with cinnamon and pop into the oven for 1h, turning once half way, then turn oven down to 75c/200f and let dry out until crisp, at least for 4h, preferably over night.

Bells, bells, bells!

Are you hosting a vegetarian dinner party, have friends that’s veg and looking for a recipe, or do  you search on your own after a perfect lighter dinner? Well, then this is perfect! Stuffed pepper filled with a tomato veqqie infused couscous and topped with feta cheese serve this with tzatziki and it’ll be a homerun!

4 large bell peppers (I like to use green since i dislike the red ones in food)
1/2 cup couscous, uncooked
1/4 cup tinned crushed tomatoes
1/4 cup water
5 tablespoons corn kernels
1 chopped chili
handful dried apricots
1 block feta cheese, to crumble

Set oven om 175c/350f

Combine water and crushed tomatoes in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Set aside and add the couscous, chopped chili, corn kernels and chopped up dried apricots, cover with a lid and let soak according to package instructions (mine says 5 minutes).

Deseed the bell peppers and slice them in half. Fill them with the couscous and crumble feta cheese on top.

Cook in the oven for 20 minutes or until browned and tender*see note*

Note* How tender you want the pepper to be is totally a personal preference, if you don’t like it soft, turn up the heat to 225c/400f and cook until the feta cheese has melted.