raw(r)! ;-)

Recently, I’ve been very interested in Raw food  and raw foodism.  Since I were vegan as little as one year ago I like vegetables and dairy/egg substitutes: It makes me feel like a kitchen magician. I’ve tried a lot of raw food before, but when you eat meat (as I do now), dairy and eggs you often tend to eat much processed food and non-organic. The idea of raw food is to eat raw, unprocessed and uncooked food, often organic.

Why eat raw you say?
… Because when it’s raw and unprocessed, you get ten times more vitamins and minerals! The food may be heated up to 45c/115f and can be freezed. By using cashews, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit you can make a lot of things that tastes good and even better than the real deal. Despite it’s cold, Raw food will make you hot, at least you body ;-)

There are different types of Raw foodism. The most common one is Raw Veganism, but there are also Raw vegetarianism and some eat Raw with animal products.

So yesterday I made Ice Cream, It’s ridiculously nutritious, vegan and healthy! Not like I’m-going-to-eat-this-every-day -type of healthy. And when it’s thawed it has a consistency of mousse.

2 cup natural Cashew nuts
2 cup strawberries
1/4 coconut butter(or solid oil)
1/4 agave syrup
1/4 lemon juice
vanilla powder *optional

Soak the Cashews for at least 12hours, preferably over night.

When the cashews has soaked, drain and let them dry. In a blender, blend the cashews until a smooth butter. This might take a while and you probably have to stop and scrape down the sides a couple of times, but be patient..
When creamy, add lemon juice, coconut butter, syrup, vanilla* and strawberries.
Blend until smooth.
When smooth pour into a baking dish lined with cling film and freeze for one hour or until firm but not solid. Then take out and cut into squares.  If you desire, you can skip this step and pour into a large tin and scoop up when it’s time to serve. Just take out 10 minutes before serving time.


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