10th of October, already!

It is sick, really sick, that it is OCTOBER already! Don’t you think? In less than two weeks I will be going home to my parents up in northern Sweden to celebrate halloween. Oh, how I love halloween! It is my favorite time of the year (except christmas). All the tree’s leaves are turning yellow, orange and red and the last sun is warming your face in the cold air and when I take my bicycle to school, my hand are frozen stiff! Perfect for taking a cup of tea when I arrive to school.
I am also truly sorry for the non-blogging. I really am, and I am sorry, again! But school is keeping my incredibly busy and since  I am re-doing last year now because I pretty much failed, I really have to keep it up there.  But I have not forgotten about you marzipans!
As I said earlier, Halloween is coming up! And of course, I am throwing a big halloween party, so there will be lots of food   – and the best thing, I am FREE from school for A WEEK. Which will give me time to blog!  Right now I am going to share some tips to you  all, especially students, on things that are good to have at home, and why!

on the picture: hot cocao with rum topped with whipped cream and cinnamon, a true fall favorite.

Flour: Regular AP flour is great to always have home. You can thicken sauces with this and also make homemade break (which is cheaper than store-bought), cakes etc.

Brown sugar: It’s great in coffee and is kind of more luxe than regular granulated sugar.  It has a slight caramel flavor to it and works great in sauces, baking and on fruit.

Baking soda/powder: Needed to most baking!

Canned crushed tomatoes: Cheap -and Great for pasta sauces, soup etc.

Canned beans: Kidney, chickpea, brown, white  – have them all! Great in salad, stew, as side dish or mashed for potato substitute.

Eggs: Cheap, tasty and usable! Make omelets, pancakes and high in protein.

Milk or milk substitute and other dairy products: You have to have it! My favorite milk is full-fat ones, and favorite substitute is soy all the way!
Other nice dairy products to have at home is cremé fraîche, sour cream and thick greek yogurt.

Onions: They keep 1-2 weeks in the fridge and are used for so much things. They are also very cheap!

Vegetables: Eat lots of vegetables. Peppers, eggplant, zucchini, salad, kale and tomatoes are really good and usable veggies!

Fruit: The only approved candy! Pears are my favorite right now!

Also, If you want to save money, eat seasonal. Right now carrots, kale and roots are seasonal. So whip up a carrot soup for dinner tonight!