How to keep the calories down over the holidays

Hello everyone!
Today I will be going home to my mum in Northern Sweden to celebrate christmas! I will decorate the tree and bake a lot of candy, though it can be hard keeping the calories down during the holidays because you’re always surrounded by piles and piles of lovely calorie packed goodies I have some lovely tips I’d like to share with you while I’m on the train and have nothing else to do (4 1/2 hour train ride :(  ) , haha!  So here we go!

* Control the portion sizes. It can be very hard to overeat during the holidays, months of planning and struggle have gone down into the food and you finally get to feast on it. But let’s be honest, you do not need to throw yourself heads-first into the meals like you have been starving for months. Eat slow and stop when you feel the slightest feeling of fullness. And I can almost assure you; There will be leftovers that you can eat for like a week!
* Go easy on the sauce and carbs.  Take a little bit less of the sauce and carbs than you would like too, that’s where the calories come from.
 * Candy in moderation. It is okay to eat candy, with moderation. One piece of every sort, and you’re fine. You do not need to eat hundreds of each, and you know that. Even if it is christmas, your body will thank you.
* Drink LOTS of water. During the holidays, alcohol and soda are very popular drinks, but be sure to drink lots of water too, not only does it fill you up so that you eat less, but it prevents your body from dehydration when drinking alcohol and it makes your body really happy!
* Take long walks in the morning. Go out in the lovely christmas weather and take a walk with your friend, family or dog (or why not all of them?!). This will give you more energy and it’s a way of relaxing during the christmas stress and you will burn calories!!.

There’s some of my tips on how to keep the calories down, remember that it is christmas and you are allowed to cheat, but be careful not to over eat, you do not need it. And also, do not drink and drive.
Stay safe over the holidays!

Lots of love,


Lack of passion

I am sorry that I haven’t blogged for a while and that I am not going to either. I am crazy busy right now and lack a passion for blogging. And I don’t really cook something interesting right now when it’s so dark and the light for photography is really bad. But soon it’s Christmas! And next week I will be going home to northern Sweden :-) and there I will bake a peppermint red velvet cake!