Long time, no see.

Finally! After half a year of not posting one single post,  Creamy Vanilla blog is back. The reason to why I have not been blogging at all, for a very long time, is that I have actually been dead-busy with school work. I am restarting this blog today, August 30th 2013, in hope I can milk some CAS hours from it and also because I miss sharing my recipes.  Creating recipes is one of my deepest passions but when you live alone and you’re left with all that food, it just doesn’t work. ( = hello fatty! ). Now, I live with my boyfriend plus I thought I could bring left overs to school and I won’t have the issue of throwing the fine bakery it away.
So what have you all been doing? As I mentioned before, I have been busy with school work, but that doesn’t mean that I have not been cooking! I have discovered two new love’s: Tacos and asparagus fries – I could live of that for years!

Anyway, I have been working for a couple of days on the new appearance of the blog. (mainly because I am sick, and I have nothing to do) I have a new theme for the blog: More romantic, sexy and sharp foods. In other words, mouthwatering drinks, romantic tapas, breakfasts & desserts and a whole lot of healthy, crisp salads, all mixed into one delicious blog.  You will love it!
Here is an amazing video and song of Lana Del Rey to set the tone for the new blog.


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