Vegetable [chocolate] chili and some philosophical thoughts

Before you go “Ugh, Chocolate in food!” and click your way out of this blog, I would just like to say that we all judge.  Whether it is that girl at your workplace that should really put some more clothes on and stop licking a lollipop like a 3 year old as fast as a *normally* handsome man walks by, the kid next door who’s parents allowed her to color her hair bright pink or that crazy nut-job that actually put chocolate in savory dishes. I personally think that we are meant to judge, since we all do it and it is completely normal. It is okay to judge, but only if we do it with an open mind.

2 pints of beans  (I used one kidney and one mixed)
1 red bell pepper
1 green bell pepper
1 red chili
1 yellow onion
2 T tomato paste
1 T cacao powder
2 squares 70% dark chocolate
1 tin crushed tomatoes (380g)
2″ zucchini
salt, pepper

to top *optional*:
red and green chili
red onion
sour cream or dairy free alternative

Prep all your vegetables by rinsing them under cool water, preferably in vegetable wash if not organic.  Cut them into preferred size and start off my frying the yellow onion in 2 T of olive oil for 5 minutes on low to medium temperature until translucent. Add all the other vegetables plus tomato paste and fry for an additional 5 minutes, salt and pepper to taste. Add the tin of crushed tomatoes and let simmer for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, rinse the beans. Add the cocoa powder and dark chocolate together with the beans into the casserole. Simmer for an additional 2-5 minutes. Serve with rice or as it is.

SONY DSCHave a nice Monday you all! Here it is raining –  a perfect day for this dish!
   xx Cecilia


September 21st 2013

Fall is here! Don’t you feel it? The leaves here in Uppsala have turned and when you look out the window you spot an orange-red explosion – so cozy. It is during these days I really miss Northern Sweden, because there we have all the mountains, the forest and so many trees compared to Uppsala (well, I might add that I live in the City, so I do not see that many trees) and in the mix of leaf-trees we have the pine trees that never turn.

Yesterday we were supposed to watch a new set of Hamlet at the theater, but we never made it due to Junior, don’t get me wrong, having a puppy that loves you is so awesome, but it is not  practical. Especially if you are a teenager that would like to go out once in a while. Hopefully we can find someone who can watch him until Swanlake. Are you the one? Call me!

Anyway I would like to share a breakfast recipe with you all. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and since I am not in favor of pre-fabricated crap – I prefer my own, vegan oatmeal. Although I am not vegan anymore I feel like I would like to start my morning as clean as possible, oftentimes I just eat “plain” bananas topped with cinnamon – it is filling, sweet and totally good for you. I also have a cup of tea, of course.  What do you usually eat?  > Back to the oatmeal! This is my favorite oatmeal recipe, Chai oats!  I prefer making my oatmeal on a base of water but, as always, feel free to use your favorite milk substitute.  This recipe is really quick because I do not want to cook away all the beneficial nutrition of the oats and flax seeds.
2/4 cup of steel cut oats
3/4 cup of water or your favorite milk substitute
2 T of flax seeds
1 T of chai spice*

Bring your water to a boil and add your steel cut oats. Let it simmer for 30 seconds and then add flax seeds and yout chai spice*. While constantly stirring, let simmer for about 1-1,5 minute. Pour it into a bowl and let cool slightly, top with bananas, chia seeds, almond butter and cinnamon or whatever you feel like!

* Chai spice:  I prefer making my own chai spice consisting of (bulk mix)      or you can use a pre-made mix like David Rio power Chai.
2 T cinnamon
1 T ground cloves,
1 T ground cardamom,
1/2 T ground nutmeg
1/8 T black pepper
(optional) 1 T sugar

Enjoy your breakfast and have a lovely day! Today Henrik and I will go to IKEA to buy a wardrobe (and some meatballs of course!).