Healthy chicken wrap


Life is catching up and spring has officially arrived! Our (new, yes we’ve moved ;-)) apartment is filled with different colored tulips and roses from valentines day – even the sun is shining! And best of all: I’m on sports holidays which means NO SCHOOL, for a week. I’m in heaven.   So, as I said earlier, I’m free for a week and i thought that I just might catch up with you here on the blog, it’s been a while. Mostly due to school, I  did blog for CAS, but blogging for CAS made blogging sad, boring and something I simply “had to do” and it did put down the quality of the blog. Therefore, I’ve stopped doing that and I am all yours now.
  But since we saw each other lately, I’ve gone vegetarian/vegan, (nothing serious though, just for health, I still indulge sometimes in animal products) but it made me think, do you want to see healthy foods? Like raw foods? Like what I’d eat in a day?  Maybe – maybe not. 
Anyway I’d like to share (an old) recipe of a healthy wrap, that you could easily enjoy for lunch or a light summer’s dinner.


2 whole-grain tortilla wraps
1 cup cooked brown rice
1 cooked chicken breast (use veg options if vegetarian like qourn or tofurky)
1 tomato, diced
1/4 red onion, sliced
2 tbsp organic taco sauce (I like spicy)
2 tbsp sour cream or dairy free option.
 a handful of pea sprouts and jalapenos *optional

To assable,
Lay the tortilla bread flat, spread the sour cream on the tortilla and lay the brown rice, chicken and vegetables on top, top with taco sauce and roll it up!



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